I have been back from vacation for a bit, and it is time to start writing again. Of course, I still have the same old problem that I always had – what do I write this week? What’s on my mind? I guess it is that gorgeous vacation we had in Banff. It was beautiful. I have heard that the drive from Banff to Jasper is one of the most beautiful in North America, and even though I have not been everywhere in North America, I did take that drive and I have to agree with that.

Of course my phone camera, which is a pretty good one, died on the way to Banff, so my husband took all the pictures. As he is a great photographer, that really wasn’t a problem.

So, instead of writing a lot this week, I am going to post 3 pictures.  It was hard to pick which photos to post – they are all so gorgeous! And I swear that, though they may look like paintings, they are truly photographs.  Enjoy!


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  1. nancy:

    Yes, amazingly beautiful! Great job Kurt! I want to take that drive too now. Welcome home!

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