Facebook posts

Oh boy, another pet peeve post. I promise I will get over these soon. So this week’s post is about those Facebook posts that say “Only people who really care about (X,Y,Z) will re-post this,” or ” Post this to avoid Facebook’s latest privacy policy changes.”

I do not like cancer or suicide, and I . . . → Read More: Facebook posts

30 second ads

This seems like a third world problem if there ever was one, and it annoys me, nonetheless. I hate when I am finished with some application on my phone, and I can’t move on because some ad has come on that I cannot close. So I have to sit through some inane ad for 30 . . . → Read More: 30 second ads

Customer Service

I don’t want to cast aspersions on all customer service people; I have run into some who are actually quite good. But I have too many times run into people who don’t seem to know what “customer service” even means. I believe the problem starts with companies who want to say that they take care . . . → Read More: Customer Service

Pet Peeves

I like to think I am pretty easy going, but I do have some pet peeves that make me a little less easy. For instance, I really hate (to an extreme that I am not proud of) when I go to a website and cannot find the Contacts. That drives me nuts! It makes me . . . → Read More: Pet Peeves

Don’t say it if you don’t mean it

Yes, it is a pet peeve of mine. Please don’t say things you have no intention of following through on. Don’t tell me, “We need to get together for coffee and to catch up – I’ll get back to you with a date,” and then disappear for years. I know things happen that make it . . . → Read More: Don’t say it if you don’t mean it

Be on time

Today I am going to talk about being on time. It’s really important to show up when you say you are going to. I am not talking about being there to the second of when you say you will be. I am talking about being within a reasonable amount of time. What is reasonable? Well, . . . → Read More: Be on time