Tell them how you feel now

There are all kinds of reasons to remember that you never know how long anyone is going to be with us. The first one that comes to mind is all the horrific mass shootings that we have in this county. You send your kid to school one day, and they don’t come home because some . . . → Read More: Tell them how you feel now

Embrace uncertainty

Embrace uncertainty – that’s what I have been advised to do. And to be honest – I don’t want to. There is very little in my life right now that is certain, and I am not enjoying it.

And here’s the thing: I have thought about it, and I HAVE to embrace uncertainty, if for . . . → Read More: Embrace uncertainty


The more I get into this crap, the more I realize that the lesson in it has to do with uncertainty. Because when I really look at it, the problem seems to be that I just don’t know what’s going to happen, or why what is happening now is happening. There is no simple (or . . . → Read More: Uncertainty